Best coaching Classes in Dehradun

If you are thinking to join coaching classes for Commerce( Accounts, Business, Economics) or for 9 th
and 10 th then you are in a right place. Jyotsana Classes is the best coaching center in Dehradun
because of its excellent way of teaching and years of experience in the teaching field. Jyotsana
classes have professionals in his field which is an advantage for the students. So, they will get a
suitable teacher for a particular subject. As there are so many other coaching centers also available
in Dehradun but Jyotsana classes have some different visions and missions for the bright future of
students, so they provide the classes at a very genuine price. Jyotsana classes treat every student as
an essential part and do not do any kind of discriminate between rich and poor. Jyotsana classes
have some social values towards the children that it will provide quality classes at a genuine price so
anyone’s parents can afford the coaching classes fees and students have a bright future.

Why do you need it?

Every student is not having the same caliber and IQ, as students are going to school but they forgot
everything after reaching home, so they need coaching classes to revise and relearn things. In this
manner coaching classes helps the students to score good marks and provide a path for learning.
Jyotsana classes are the best platform for students who are searching for commerce coaching
classes in Dehradun. Jyotsana classes have 20+ years of experience and expert teachers who are
having years of experience.

About Jyotsana classes

Mrs. Jyotsana Gogia established Jyotsana courses in 2003 with the goal of delivering high-quality
education and expanding the teaching-learning realms so that the children are prepared for a better
tomorrow. It's not only a coaching center, it's also a location where we get students prepared for a
better future and help them learn the skills they'll need to succeed in both school and in life.

Why Jyotsana Classes

1- 20+ years of Experience – Jyotsana classes running the classes for the past 20
years and have lots of experience in this teaching field. Jyotsana’s classes have professional
teachers and teaching pattern is developed in a manner that increases the ability and skills
of the students. As its vision is to make the student future bright by creating a strong base
and developing the best skills and abilities in students.
2- Pricing– Jyotsana classes provide the best platform for students who are not that much
rich or have some economic problems at home. It charges a basic fee for the classes that every parent can afford and there is no discrimination between the students whether rich or
not. As compared to other coaching classes Jyotsana classes have the lowest fees in the
whole of Dehradun.

3- Individual attention– Jyotsana classes have professional teachers that give
attention to every individual student so that they can easily get things. In many coaching
classes, there is a lack of attention to the students as there are lots of students. It leads to
the failure of students who do not have a sharp minds. In many other coaching centers, they
do not give one-to-one attention to students but Jyotsana classes do one-to-one interactions
with students that lead to an increase in the capability of the student and their
concentration. So it is the main difference between Jyotsana classes and other coaching

4- Successful growth– Jyotsana classes have a proven record of successful growth in
the past 20 years. The vision of the Jyotsana classes is to help the students to accomplish
their future goals and create a strong base so that students’ caliber and skills can increase.

5- Transparency– Jyotsana classes use the daily tracker to track the child’s performance
and share with parents to keep them updated about the child’s performance and presence
in classes. Jyotsana classes conduct the weekly test so that the performance can be
measured. In other coaching classes, there are no such kinds of activities taken to measure
the performance of students.

6- Lifelong Learning– Jyotsana classes think it's important to provide your children
with the skills they need to learn throughout the rest of their lives! We think they will be
able to think independently and achieve well in their chosen careers if we teach them a style
of critical thinking.

7- 24*7 Customer support– No one else comes close to us in terms of supporting
your child, in our opinion. To assist your child with their questions, Jyotsana classes are
always just a phone call or text message away from you.

“AMBITION is the first step to success, second is ACTION!!!”

Every parent wishes that his son or daughter should be educated but they didn’t get enough time to
teach their children. So they go for the coaching classes and they believe that their children get the
best education whether they have to spend money. If you are also searching for coaching classes for
your children then Jyotsana classes is the best for your children Either they are in the 9 th and 10 th or
in 11 th and 12 th commerce.

If you choose to specialize in commerce, you should consider your goals, your own passions, and
where you envision yourself in ten years. Decide on your AIM carefully, then take ACTION to make
your AIM a reality. It is common knowledge that choosing a career that complements our aptitude
and skills is the first step in the proper direction. And if you decide that you must specialize in
commerce, Jyotsana classes can help you in achieving your objectives. Jyotsana classes provide
classes for Accountancy, Business, and Economics.
The goal of Jyotsana coaching classes is to help students develop their personalities, whether they
are preparing for exams or are serious about their futures. Teachers are the base of any institution
and in this coaching class, all the teachers are highly qualified with great experience in teaching. The
classroom and the study materials are well organized which creates a good and peaceful
environment for study. Tests are conducted on a regular basis which allows the students and
instructors to address areas that may need more attention, which increases the student's
progression. Corrections of answers and regular feedback to help them overcome their weakest


Jyotsana coaching classes is the best coaching class in Dehradun because it provides quality coaching
at very low fees and the vision is to development of their personalities or makes them ready for the
upcoming future. Jyotsana classes running coaching classes for the past 20+ years so they provide
the best learning and great insights for their future. Anyone can easily join the coaching classes for
9 th , 10 th , and 11 th , 12 th commerce ( Accountancy, Business, and Economics ) through our website Jyotsana classes conduct regular tests for measuring the performance of
students so that the student can do more focus on their weak subjects or topics and they are also
updated with parents. If you do a comparison between Jyotsana classes and other coaching classes
you will definitely get the difference between Jyotsana coaching classes and others. It can be price,
expert teachers, studying environment, one-to-one interactions, etc. So if you are searching for
coaching classes here your search ends just visit our website to join with Jyotsana classes.